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Toys for Shelter Pets
Enrichment toys are vital to an animal's well being. By giving animals appropriate toys you help bring play and happiness to their lives. Toys reduce stress and boost their immune systems.


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Care for a Small Animal
Provide small animals including rabbits and guinea pigs with loving care, warm bedding, enrichment toys and any required veterinary treatment.


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Gift of Urgent Need
A very special gift to rescue animals in desperate need of our help.


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Support Provincial Animal Transfers
Help us continue partnering with communities to build healthy communities for pets and people by providing animal welfare services in the North. Your gift goes towards animal transfers, wellness examinations, vaccines and more.


Please select a card for your Paws & Give™ gift you can choose to have an eCard, a printable card or a mailable card sent, or have no card at all!

Three Kittens
Two Dogs
In Your Honour - Cat
In Your Honour - Dog
Happy Spring
Wishing you a Tasty Easter
Happy Easter
Happy Passover
Happy Mother's Day - Cat
Happy Mother's Day - Dog
Happy Mother's Day - Horse
Happy Father's Day - Bird
Happy Dad's Day
Happy Father's Day - Dog