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Craig Kulig passed away after a courageous battle with cancer on July 18, 2016, only weeks after turning 23. Born in Ottawa and a graduate from Osgoode Township High School, Craig was halfway through the Mechanical Engineering Technology program at Algonquin College when he was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, an extremely rare and aggressive cancer. With knowledge and insight beyond his years and a very grounded personality, Craig was often doling out advice to family and friends. Craig would spend hours studying the mechanics and the history behind everything he had an interest in or worked on. An avid ATV and car enthusiast, Craig spent much of his time working on his cars or touring the Ompah ATV trails, as well as hanging out with friends, camping, and jamming on his favourite acoustic bass guitar.

Beloved son and best friend of Bruce and Angela Kulig. Cherished big brother, soul mate and idol to Mitchell and Katrina Kulig. Craig will be forever in the hearts of his many close friends and all those who knew him.

Craig fought his cancer with incredible determination and perseverance and would give a reassuring smile to anyone looking worriedly at him at his bedside. He rarely complained, and rarely gave in to the grief, anger and fear of his prognosis. Doctors and nurses praised Craig for his strength, patience, and consistently positive attitude.

Through Craig’s battle with cancer, I saw firsthand the exceptional care at The Ottawa Hospital. Doctors, nurses and orderlies would do whatever they could to help Craig fight his cancer, ease his pain or simply comfort him. During Craig’s time at the hospital, I also witnessed the terrible impact and toll on so many cancer patients, as well as the agony inflicted on their loved ones who could only stand by helplessly. Shortly after Craig’s passing, we lost my mother, Jacqueline Kulig (Girard) to pancreatic cancer. These brutal life lessons have made me realize the importance of cancer research and the need to help the Ottawa Hospital.

This memorial fund has been created to support The Ottawa Hospital and their research into more effective and gentler cancer therapies which will someday save people from suffering the same fate as Craig, not only here in Ottawa, but across the country and around the world. With tremendous help and support from my brothers and sister Steve, Darlene and Brian, as well my family, friends and colleagues, I’m endeavouring to raise $100,000 through a combination of this fund and the annual RIDE program.

Please support the Ottawa Hospital through this Craig Kulig Memorial Fund and help me build on the legacy of a wonderful son, brother, nephew and friend.

Thank you,

Bruce Kulig

You can learn more about Craig at

Progress: 57%
Progress: 57%
Raised: $ 57395     Goal: $ 100000

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