THE RIDE, powered by Mattamy Homes, celebrated over $14 million in 10 years with 900 cyclists and volunteers who came together on Sunday, September 8 and raised $1.07 million to support leading-edge research at The Ottawa Hospital.

In addition to the 50KM closed route and the 109KM open road route, the 10th edition of THE RIDE also saw the inaugural Alinker one kilometre loop. Dozens of participants joined THE RIDE using the Alinker, a relatively new walk assist bike. These bikes give people with mobility challenges a chance to be a part of this vital fundraiser for research at The Ottawa Hospital — research which could potentially help them one day.

This is why we DO THE RIDE.




Top Fundraisers

Individual Team
  1. $10,000 Peloton Club! Michael Caletti - $103,100.00
  2. $10,000 Peloton Club! Robert Merkley - $74,720.00
  3. $10,000 Peloton Club! Greg Capello - $48,578.94
  4. $10,000 Peloton Club! David Wallace - $21,340.00
  5. $10,000 Peloton Club! Fraser Sutherland - $16,060.00
  1. The Brick Peddlers - $251,343.00
  2. Friends of GranFondoOttawa Cycling Team - $99,702.19
  3. Ride for Jeff - $64,737.01
  4. Deloitte - $32,667.00
  5. Regional Group Pedal Pushers - $32,573.00

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Upcoming Events

Sep 8


Join us for an inspiring day at Tunney’s Pasture when all our cyclists will come together.

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