In 2018, OlymPINK became the first swim meet fundraiser of its kind in the Ottawa area. With the help of 120 swimmers, supporters, breast cancer survivors and 6 Olympians, the very successful swim meet raised almost $19,000 for The Ottawa Hospital's Rose Ages Breast Health Centre. Last year we raised an even more astonishing $44,000. On April 18th OlymPINK will be back -- bigger and better and with your help, will be making an even bigger splash in the quest for funds for important technology and other needs for The Rose Ages Breast Health Centre. Our Olympians know what it's like to strive for gold and so does The Ottawa Hospital! Help us make a difference for the benefit of every patient that will walk through the doors of The Rose Ages Breast Health Centre.

Top Fundraisers

Individual Team
  1. Andrea Douglas - $41,431.11
  2. Ann Marie Hume - $8,560.00
  3. Natalie Mills-Fergusson - $2,515.00
  4. Krista Gaudet - $1,465.00
  5. Sonia Chase - $760.00
  6. Elaine West - $340.00
  7. Andrea Smith - $330.00
  8. Tina Binns - $150.00
  9. David Coulas - $100.00
  10. Myriam Saboui - $20.00

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