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Good morning everyone,

A warm welcome to our new “Brick Peddlers” and a special welcome to our repeat “Brick Peddlers” I sincerely and greatly appreciate your commitment and your continuing commitment as “Brick Peddlers” to raising much needed funds for Cancer Research as participants for this year’s 10th Anniversary of “THE RIDE”

There are no more devastating words then “you have cancer” and as a member of “The Baby boomer” generation (I turn 65 this summer) the incidence of Cancer will increase dramatically for the remaining years as a baby boomer.
The incidence of Cancer is 1 in every 2 man and 1 in every 2.5 women. Although the incidence in woman is marginal less than men, women get Cancer far earlier in age.

As many of you know, part of my “ask” was “either you or I will get Cancer; I hedge my bet on raising funds for Cancer”. Little did I know in 2014 my wife Susan would be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, a particular difficult cancer. We were told that Susan’s prognoses would be 5-10 years. This is Susan’s fifth year and so far she has no signs of cancer.

We are very fortunate to have “The Ottawa Hospital Foundation” as the creator and manager of “THE RIDE”. Not only has The Ottawa Hospital Foundation done a tremendous job of running “THE RIDE” but as well The Ottawa Hospital Foundation as one of the top foundations for managing costs. That is for every dollar you raise, 82 cents goes directly to fund much needed Research. The Foundation also leverages every $1 donated to generate up to $10 in external funding.

So not only do you get maximum use of your funds raised, our funds raised have largely been used to support Dr. John Bell along with his Doctors and Clinicians in the research in using Oncolytic virus therapy to fight cancer. Dr. Bell has since received substantial funding for this most promising cure for Cancer.

More in Dr. Bells research another email.

Each week until THE RIDE day I will be giving you my tips on fund raising and tips on training for the ride.
Again I am ever so gratefully that you have chosen to join “The Brick Peddlers” in support of curing this terribly devastating disease.
Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime for absolutely any question or concern you have! Over the next several weeks I will call each and every one of you. As always at 35 Brick Peddlers, we are the lead team...AWESOME
I can be reached at:
Cell phone number (613) 227-9665
Home phone number (613) 422-0344
Office number (613) 728-2693 ext. 222
And of course by email

Yiur team Captain Robert Merkley



  • DO support our team by making a donation today. 
  • DO register to be a part of our team today by cycling or volunteering. 

Then on Sept. 8, 2019 our team will DO THE RIDE!

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