Treadle Pump
Treadle Pump

Rainmakers. Treadle pumps are a perfect solution for farmers who lack access to mechanical means of watering their thirsty crops. As a bonus, with their hands free, those operating the pump can share a morale-boosting 'thumbs-up' with a partner whenever the need arises.
Saves labor for “market gardeners” and entrepreneurs. No more long journeys to and from water wells, one bucket at a time&mdashtreadle pumps tap a deeper, cleaner water source, and lead to healthier, more bountiful crops. Farmers who use treadle pumps report 100% or more increase in crop yield.
100% of the cost from every purchase on Outreach Shop goes directly to support the women, men, and children throughout our international partner communities. If you ever wondered how to fight poverty, now you know. From our unique approach to community-driven development to the proven, sustainable results it achieves, we’re not just fighting chronic global poverty, we’re winning.
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