Electronic Gear for Facilitation
Electronic Gear for Facilitation

How are local leaders maintaining and sustaining community momentum in a COVID-complicated world? While some of their work continues unchanged, much of it has moved online. Provide a community with a smartphone, laptop, and printer, and help them stay connected with the electronic essentials to keep the good going, no matter the distance.
Basic electronics for local teams, whose work coordinating plans and communicating with Outreach facilitators and their teammates has largely moved online in the wake of COVID-19. With a laptop, printer, and smartphone, community organizing can stay organized!
100% of the cost from every purchase on Outreach Shop goes directly to support the women, men, and children throughout our international partner communities. If you ever wondered how to fight poverty, now you know. From our unique approach to community-driven development to the proven, sustainable results it achieves, we’re not just fighting chronic global poverty, we’re winning.
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