Woman from Malawi

Hello, we’re Outreach International.

We believe when communities work together, they can overcome the challenges of chronic poverty.

For over 40 years, we’ve worked alongside communities around the world to address issues related to chronic poverty. In 155 field program locations, spanning 10 countries, our team of 86 international staff members works to empower communities to lift themselves, sustainably, into a future defined by opportunity.

Our efforts together make the prospect of a more inclusive, thriving, joyful world not only possible, but inevitable. We are a global team of tenacious, creative problem-solvers.

Let’s work together.


Our Sustainable Gifts Catalog promotes our process, not our products. Every item we feature here represents an outcome of our efforts — a goal reached, a dream realized, and another empowered step forward for communities working together to lift themselves into a more prosperous, hopeful future.

Do we dole out unnecessary goats to families just because people ordered them from this catalog? Nope, never. That’d make more problems for everyone, including the goats. We honor your generosity in the most ethical and effective way we know how. Empowering our partners means equipping them with the right tools at the right time, to ensure that the needs being met address the causes of chronic poverty, not the effects of it. Every item in this catalog is useful to our Outreach communities.

You can learn more about every aspect of our approach, application, and impact at our website, outreach-international.org.

100% equals 100%

Thanks to the generosity of a donor covering all our overhead, 100% of every single gift to Outreach goes entirely and directly to support our work in communities worldwide and facilitates empowered, sustainable, meaningful outcomes that change lives for generations.