Strengthen Opportunities for Cultural Exchange

U.S. State Department programs encourage the creation of links between cultural organizations in the United States and similar institutions around the world by providing grant opportunities for cultural exchange. Increased funding to application-based exchanges and the Arts Envoy Program within the State Department's Cultural Programs Division would provide greater opportunity for orchestras to participate in cultural diplomacy. Urge Congress to direct the State Department to allocate, at minimum, $15 million to the Cultural Programs Division in the FY 2015 State and Foreign Operations appropriations bill. Tell me more

Talking Points

  • Policymakers agree that cultural exchange enhances international understanding and that the arts have the ability to reach beyond governments to connect with people all over the world. We should continue to support and increase funding for international cultural exchange.
  • Increased funding for the Cultural Programs Division will strengthen exchange and collaboration in the arts and cultural fields that build bridges among people of different countries, cultures, and faiths.
  • States build global trade through the arts. By incorporating arts and cultural exchanges in their international trade and business development, state governments have expanded trading relationships with other nations and open markets abroad.

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Strengthen Opportunities for Cultural Exchange

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