Orchestras Contribute to Community Vitality

Contact Congress to describe how your orchestra contributes to the economic stability and quality of life in your community. By communicating with your Senators and Representative, you are helping to build public understanding of the value of the arts — which is essential as Congress continues to make decisions about the nation's funding and policy priorities. Tell me more

Talking Points

  • America's orchestras fuel local economies, attract new business development, spark the imaginations of young people, and, through the power of music, unite individuals and cultures in times of challenge as well as celebration.
  • The arts industry generates millions of jobs and is an essential contributor to the economic and cultural vitality of the United States.
  • While the need for support far exceeds available federal resources, orchestras across the United States are helping to stabilize local economies by putting NEA funds to use to preserve full and part-time administrative and artistic positions that were in jeopardy of being eliminated due to the struggling economy.

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Please direct any related questions to Heather Noonan, vice president for advocacy, or Najean Lee, director of government affairs & education advocacy.

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