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Performing Arts Alliance

Strengthen Arts Education in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

Despite overwhelming public support for arts education, access to arts education in our schools is eroding. School systems are focusing largely on reading and math at the expense of arts education and other core subjects of learning. Ask your Representative and Senators to support strengthening arts education in the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

Talking Points

  • The arts are designated as a “core academic subject” in federal law. This designation is an acknowledgement of the relevance of the arts in a complete education and means that for federal education programs (such as Title I, teacher training, school reform, and technology programs) targeted to core academic subjects, the arts may be an eligible expenditure of funds.
  • Learning in the arts should be among the “multiple measures” of student progress.
  • The Department of Education’s data collection efforts must be strengthened by systemically including the arts in studies conducted on the condition of education, practices that improve academic achievement, and the effectiveness of federal and other programs.
  • Replace the generic "As your constituent and a performing arts advocate" in the first line of the letter with something specific about you. For example, "As a resident of Colorado Springs and the Director of the Ormao Dance Company,"
  • Personalize! Include information about you and your organization. For example, "The Alpine Chorale is celebrating its 10th season."


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