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Performing Arts Alliance

Improve Visa Processing for Foreign Guest Artists

American nonprofit arts organizations provide an important public service by presenting foreign guest artists in performances, educational events, and cultural programs in communities across the country.

Join us in asking Congress to enact the Arts Require Timely Service (ARTS) Act, which will require USCIS to ensure timely processing for visa petitions filed by, or on behalf of, nonprofit arts-related organizations. We urge USCIS to enforce current statutory requirements, which instructs USCIS to process O and P arts visas in 14 days.

Talking Points

  • Delays and unpredictability in the visa process create high economic risks for nonprofit arts institutions their local economies, and the American artists with whom they collaborate.
  • Nonprofit arts organizations of all sizes cannot afford the $1,225 premium processing fee, leaving them to await the unpredictability of regular visa processing. 
  • Global cultural exchange is important now more than ever; American nonprofit arts organizations boost international diplomacy by presenting and collaborating with foreign guest artists.


For more talking points and background information, see the 2014 Visa Issue Brief.


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