Support Permanent Enactment of the IRA Charitable Rollover

Like thousands of other nonprofits in the arts, education, and human services, and other community organizations, most of America’s orchestras are classified as 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations. If it were not for this provision and the deductibility of private donations, orchestras and many other charitable organizations, would be unable to serve community needs. Urge Congress to support permanent reinstatement of the IRA Charitable Rollover and increase support for America's nonprofit community before adjourning at the end of this year. Tell me more

Talking Points

  • On July 17, 2014, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4719, which includes a provision to reinstate and make permanent the IRA Charitable Rollover. This bill passed with strong bipartisan support, with many Members on both sides of the aisle speaking out specifically in support of the IRA Charitable Rollover. Communities have pressing needs that need to be met now; elected officials can help their communities by making these tax incentives permanent.
  • The IRA Rollover allows a donor who has reached the defined age to transfer IRA funds directly to a charity without incurring income tax on the transfer.
  • Ticket sales and admission fees alone do not come close to subsidizing the artistic presentations, educational offerings, and community-based programming of nonprofit arts organizations.
  • The public is still just beginning to make the most of this important giving incentive. When available, Americans have made new and increased contributions via the IRA Rollover to nonprofits that benefit people every day. Orchestras and other nonprofits report that the cycle of expiration and reinstatement of the IRA Rollover provision has left many donors unable to maximize their support for charitable work.


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