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Protect Wireless Technology in the Performing Arts!

Wireless technology is critical to the performing arts as it allows for unrestricted on-stage movement, creates sophisticated sound, and powers the backstage communications used by stagehands. This equipment operates in the “white space”—frequencies between broadcast channels of the television band. Interference to these frequencies can compromise the quality of onstage performances and backstage operations which could affect the safety of performers, technicians, and audiences.

Congress passed the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 which requires the FCC to transfer spectrum from TV broadcasting to wireless broadband through incentive auctions. We urge Congress to support H.R. 2911, the Wireless Microphone Users Interference Protection Act of 2013, introduced by Rep. Bobby Rush (D-1st IL) which has provisions to protect the white space used by wireless technologies in the performing arts.

Talking Points:

  • H.R. 2911 would preserve two “safe haven” channels within the spectrum for exclusive use for wireless technology, thus minimizing interference with other white space devices.
  • If the results of the spectrum auction force performing arts organizations to relocate to other bands of spectrum, these organizations may once again be forced to buy new, expensive equipment that can operating in another band of spectrum. They were previously forced to do so in 2010.
  • Reliable wireless microphones and communications systems are critical to performing arts organizations being able to offer quality performances and services to their audiences and communities. This technology helps these organizations provide jobs, partner with education providers, and contribute to local economies. 


For more talking points, see the 2014 White Space Issue Brief.




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