Mister Rogers: It's You I Like Combo - 2 DVD set + 4 DVD set + Mug + Book


2 DVD set (It's You I Like, Mister Rogers Making Mistakes):  Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like pays tribute to the beloved Fred Rogers and the nearly 900 episodes of the landmark children’s television program first seen in 1968 on PBS. Still broadcast on PBS stations around the country, the iconic series continues to resonate with children and adults alike.

In this 60-minute retrospective hosted by award-winning actor Michael Keaton, enjoy memorable segments including visits with Koko the Gorilla and Margaret Hamilton as well as the iconic trip to the Crayola crayon factory. Hear from Judd Apatow, Joyce DiDonato, Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Kratt, John Lithgow, Nicholas Ma, Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Sarah Silverman, Esperanza Spalding, and Caroll Spinney as they share their favorite memories from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Be inspired by Joe Negri (“Handyman Negri”), David Newell (“Mr. McFeely”), and Fred Rogers’ wife Joanne as they share their personal stories.

Archival performances by Tony Bennett, the Empire Brass Quintet, Perlman, Yo-Yo Ma, and others are also not to be missed!


4 DVD set (Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Would You Be Mine Collection): Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Please won’t you be my neighbor! Stroll down memory lane with this four-disc set featuring 30 iconic episodes from the beloved children’s series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, hand-selected by Fred Rogers Productions. Mister Rogers was a calm and gentle man who taught children about the world around them and guided them reassuringly through many of the experiences of growing up. This set includes classic episodes about getting along with others, dealing with different feelings, and caring for your family; as well as visits from incredible guests, such as the music group STOMP, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and Olympian Suzie McConnell.

Includes a very special bonus episode – the memorable visit to the crayon factory where Mister Rogers learns all about how crayons are made (making the collection 31 total episodes).

Mister Rogers Goes to School ‒ Mister Rogers Rides A School Bus (1465)

1465 – Helping Children Know What to Expect at School

Mister Rogers takes a ride on a real school bus and talks with a school bus driver. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday and Dr. and Mrs. Platypus are anxious to see their children at the end of the school day. The first week of school is a big event for children, but it is also a big event for parents!

Mister Rogers Talks About Competition ‒ Visit to the Crayon Factory (1481)

1481 – Jealousy and Other Feelings about Winning and Losing

Mister Rogers shows a video of how people make crayons and talks about drawing and how each person's picture would be different. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday decides to have a "Draw the Neighborhood" contest and Lady Elaine Fairchilde decides she will win. She tells the Neighbors that she hates to lose and that when she was growing up, her sister always won. Throughout this week Mister Rogers discusses sibling rivalry, jealousy, and positive ways of dealing with competition. 

Mister Rogers Talks About Alike and Different ‒ With Visit from Big Bird (1483)

1483 – Jealousy and Other Feelings about Winning and Losing

Chef Brockett visits Mister Rogers to talk about his disappointment when he didn't win a cake decorating contest. Mister Rogers remembers a visit he had with artist Andy Wyeth. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, amid much excitement, Big Bird from “Sesame Street” arrives and reassures Henrietta that X the Owl will still be her best friend. Mister Rogers reminds children that even “When a Baby Comes to Your House,” no one can ever take your place.

Mister Rogers Talks About Discipline ‒ With Skater Peggy Fleming (1494)

1494 – Helping Children to Develop Self Discipline

Mister Rogers goes to visit ice-skating star Peggy Fleming who is practicing for an ice show. They talk about how doing anything well takes a lot of practice. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Elaine Fairchilde must work in Corney's factory for two days as a consequence for turning King Friday dolls into Lady Elaine Fairchilde dolls. She goes to work organizing the factory and soon everything is running smoothly for the first time.

Mister Rogers Talks About Pets ‒ Mister Rogers Takes Barney for a Walk (1499)

1499 – Respecting All Living Creatures

Mister Rogers takes Barney the dog out for a walk. It’s nighttime in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and as Ana gets ready for bed, she decides what she'd really like for her birthday is a kitten. Lady Elaine Fairchilde is very busy planning a big birthday parade for Ana with a whale, apes, and Purple Panda.

Mister Rogers Talks About Friends ‒ Henrietta Gets Angry (1508)

1508 – Ups and Downs of Friendship

Mister Rogers goes to a restaurant and shows how the food is prepared. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, X the Owl's bossiness makes his friend Henrietta angry. Mister Rogers encourages his viewers to talk about their angry feelings. He sings, "What Do You Do With The Mad That You Feel?"

Mister Rogers Talks About Day Care & Night Care ‒ Visit To A Graham Cracker Factory (1520)

1520 – Care When Parents Are Away

Mister Rogers visits a factory and learns how people make graham crackers. He shows a video of some of the many people who are caregivers – from crossing guards to teachers. In the Neighborhood, the King and Queen return, and Prince Tuesday talks with them about his different feelings about their having been away.

Mister Rogers Talks About Work ‒ The Television Studio (1530)

1530 – Feelings About Work, Money, and Choices

Mister Rogers talks about his own work and shows viewers the television studio and introduces some of the people who help make “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, a solution to the "pipe or pool" problem is found when the neighbors find they can share Westwood's pool.

Talks About Grandparents ‒ Mister Rogers’ Parents (1532)

1532 – Appreciating the People Who Came Before

Mister Rogers shows pictures of his own parents and visits Negri’s Music Shop where jazz violinist John Blake and his son play music. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, everyone prepares for Collette's visit to Grandpere, and Daniel Tiger wishes he had a granddad of his own. Mister Rogers shows how people make straws in a factory.

Mister Rogers Talks About No and Yes ‒ King Friday Says Yes (1542)

1542 – Children Grow by Testing Limits

Mister Rogers remembers that his parents sometimes had to say "no" to him to keep him safe. King Friday says "Yes," he will officiate at the wedding, but he has to say "no," to Prince Tuesday when the Prince disobeys and rides the king's special tricycle. Mister Rogers talks about bicycle safety and shows a video of how people make tricycles.

Mister Rogers Talks About Music ‒ With Cellist Yo-Yo Ma (1547)

1547 – Music As a Way to Express Feelings

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma comes to visit Mister Rogers. They talk about music and feelings, and Yo-Yo Ma plays cello music that can express different emotions. And there’s a video of how people make bass violins. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin tries in vain to learn to play the bass violin. Lady Elaine Fairchilde has a clever solution and disguises her accordion as a bass violin.

Mister Rogers Talks About Music ‒ With The Empire Brass Quintet (1549)

1549 – Music As a Way to Express Feelings

Mister Rogers visits the Empire Brass Quintet and listens carefully to how each instrument sounds alone, and how all the instruments sound together. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, the Neighbors get ready for the Bass Violin Festival.

Mister Rogers Talks About Families ‒ Adoption (1554)

1554 – Families Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Mister Rogers talks about how children are curious about families that are formed by adoption and talks about his family's adoption of his own sister. He shows a film about different families in his Neighborhood. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, there’s lots of talk about adoption when Ana wonders if she was adopted.

Mister Rogers Talks About Making and Creating ‒ Visit To A Playground(1560)

1560 – Being Creative is Part of Being Human

Mister Rogers invites viewers along on a visit to a special new playground designed and built by both adults and children. He makes up a song at the piano. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, shy Daniel becomes a hero when he brings Corney's "rocking chair horse" down from the sky.

Mister Rogers Talks About Celebrations ‒ With Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis (1563)

1563 – Celebrating Big Things and Little Things

Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis visits Negri's Music Shop, and talks with Mister Rogers about his music. The Neighborhood trio and Joe Negri join him in playing some jazz. It’s nighttime in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and the neighbors are using a telescope to look for King Friday’s comet. Henrietta is sad because she thinks her friends have forgotten her birthday.

Mister Rogers Talks About Playthings ‒ Prince Tuesday’s New Bike (1569)

1569 – Lots of Different Things for Play and Pretending

Mister Rogers shows how empty containers plus some imagination can create a whole Neighborhood. In Make-Believe, Ana Platypus is jealous of Prince Tuesday's new bike and angry because her parents aren't buying one for her. At Negri's Music Shop, three friends have fun making music on real and toy instruments.

Mister Rogers Talks About Dance ‒ Visit To The Dance Theatre of Harlem (1574)

1574 - Expressing Feelings through Movement

Mister Rogers visits Arthur Mitchell at the Dance Theatre of Harlem. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, recognizing that dance can be about all kinds of feelings, Lady Elaine renames her “Always Happy Dance Studio” the “Sometimes Happy Dance Studio.”

Mister Rogers Talks About Making Mistakes ‒ Daniel Worries About Making A Mistake (1578)

1578 - Expecting and Accepting Mistakes

Mister Rogers has to go to a meeting that he'd forgotten about, and asks Chuck Aber to help him and stay with the viewers while Mister Rogers is away. Mr. McFeely brings a videotape about how people make erasers. In Make-Believe, the skunk is there talking with the King about how he only sprays when he gets scared. But he’s startled, he makes a mistake and sprays! Daniel worries that maybe he's a mistake, but Lady Aberlin reassures him that he's fine just the way he is. Mister Rogers says, “No one is a mistake.”

Mister Rogers Talks About Fun and Games ‒ With Olympian Suzie McConnell (1604)

1604 – Games Can Be Fun, But Not If You’re Left Out

Olympic gold medalist Suzie McConnell comes to the Neighborhood to give Mister Rogers a basketball lesson. In Make-Believe, everyone is welcomed to be part of a team and given team uniforms. There’s a visit with the Dance Alloy dance troupe who use a large ball in their special dance.

Mister Rogers Talks About When Parents Go To Work ‒ Parents Care For Their Children (1612)

1612 – Parents Love Their Children Even When They Can’t Be With Them

Mister Rogers and Mr. McFeely show how they make an apple-peanut butter treat and remind children how much they learn from people other than their parents. Princess Zelda is visiting in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and helping Tuesday with his feelings about people leaving. And Mister Rogers shows a book of pictures showing some of the many ways parents care for their children.

Mister Rogers Talks About The Environment ‒ Snorkeling In The Florida Keys (1619)

1619 – Recycling and Other Ways to Care for Our Planet

Mister Rogers shows a wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins, and with Marine botanist Sylvia Earle, he goes snorkeling off the coast of the Florida Keys to see some of the wonders of the ocean. He talks about how important it is to take care of the seas and the world we live in. In Make-Believe there’s a special newscast to help find a solution to the garbage problem.

Mister Rogers Talks About Fathers & Music ‒ With Folksinger Ella Jenkins (1624)

1624 – Fathers Give Care in Many Ways

Folksinger Ella Jenkins visits Mister Rogers today with her ukulele and shares songs her father enjoyed. He reads a book that a child has made called, “What is a Father?” In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe the children are thinking about their fathers and how they enjoy playing music. Daniel wishes he had a father too.

Mister Rogers Talks About Art ‒ Visit to A Community Art Center (1644)

1644 – We All Have Art Inside of Us

Mister Rogers visits with potter, Bill Strickland, at the community art center where they work on making a pot together at the potter's wheel. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Elaine uses her boomerang magic to cover all the portraits with play clay. Mister Rogers talks about how we can use all kinds of art to express how we feel.

Mister Rogers Talks About Love ‒ With Mandolinist Peter Ostroushko (1664)

1664 – The Strength of Love Even Through Angry Times

Mister Rogers pretends to shave and talks about remembering times when, as a young boy, he watched the men in his family shave. In the Neighborhood of Make- Believe Betty Aberlin sees the King and Queen angry with each other and learns that there are all kinds of love and that there can be angry times in loving families. At Negri's Music Shop, mandolinist Peter Ostroushko sings a Ukrainian lullaby. Mister Rogers says the more love we give away, the more we have to give.

Mister Rogers Talks About Then and Now ‒ With Violinist Itzhak Perlman (1670)

1670 – Exploring Feelings About Living and Dying

Itzhak Perlman, world-famous violinist, joins Mister Rogers in a rehearsal room and shares some of his music, as well as some of his feelings about dealing with polio. In the Neighborhood of Make- Believe, Prince Tuesday is amazed to see pictures of King Friday as a boy. Mister Rogers talks about other things that happened long ago through his visit to Colonial Williamsburg.

Mister Rogers Talks About Going Away and Coming Back ‒ A Visit With Paramedics (1677)

1677 – Helping Children with Times of Separation

Mister Rogers visits with paramedics who show him an ambulance and some of the equipment they use inside an ambulance. Mister Rogers says it's good to talk about things that could be scary and to know what to expect. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe "Cousin Steve Owl" searches for a tunnel and looks for clues in a map.

What Do You Do With The Mad That You Feel  ‒ A Visit With STOMP (1695)

1695 – Finding Healthy Ways to Express Angry Feelings

Mister Rogers visits with STOMP, a performance group who make rhythmic percussion type sounds with ordinary household things like brooms and pails. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, with the help of her friends, Lady Elaine is genuinely sorry and will try to do healthier things next time she's angry.

Everybody’s Special – A Visit With The Voice of Prince Tuesday (1689)

1689 – Appreciating Our Uniqueness

Who does the puppet voices in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe? In another effort to de-mystify his television program, Mister Rogers shows how he works some of the puppets and visits with Lenny Meledandri, who does the voice for Prince Tuesday...and also teaches Italian. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday's friends help him know he is special because of who he is inside, not because of his princely robe.

Mister Rogers Talks About Helping ‒ A Visit With The Jabali Afrika Musical Group (1702)

1702 – Needing and Giving Help

Mr. McFeely brings a video showing how people make vacuum cleaners. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Elaine has a nightmare about sweepers and is determined to get rid of all of them in the world. A dynamic musical group from Kenya, Jabali Afrika, visits Negri's Music Shop.

Mister Rogers Talks About Curiosity ‒ With Violinist Hilary Hahn (1755)

1755 – Wondering and Asking Questions

Mister Rogers visits with world-famous violinist Hilary Hahn and they talk about her music and her background and he listens to her play. It's nighttime in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, and "Hula Mouse" brings Prince Tuesday and Little Panda back from their outer space travels. King Friday comes to realize that curiosity is a healthy part of life. Mister Rogers reads a bedtime book and talks about some things he was curious about as a child at nighttime.

Mister Rogers: Ready To Read ‒ Caring For A Baby Elephant (1756)

1756 – Enjoying and Recognizing Symbols

Where does Mister Rogers find a 500 pound baby? At the zoo! It's a baby elephant, and Mister Rogers learns about how the mother elephant and people at the zoo help care for it. Mister Rogers also has a video showing how people make backpacks. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday is determined to see what's inside Mayor Maggie's backpack and commands Corney to make a machine that sees inside things.


Mug: This friendly Mister Rogers Sweater Changing Mug features favorite Mister Rogers quotes, song lyrics, and images from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. When you add hot water, Mister Rogers changes from a suit jacket into his cardigan, ready to make it a snappy new day! Holds 14 oz. Transforming mugs are microwave safe, but not dishwasher safe.


Book (A Visual History): A visual celebration of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, America’s most beloved children’s television show, including a foreword by Tom Hanks and a peek at the making of the feature film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Go behind the scenes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood with this unprecedented dive into its storied history. More than fifty years ago, Fred Rogers, a modest television host, revolutionized children’s entertainment with a simple set design, quiet dialogue, and a few hand puppets playing out everyday situations. The effect was extraordinary: Mister Rogers created a relationship with millions of young viewers, each of whom felt as if they were visiting with a trusted friend. His radical kindness, acceptance, and empathy created a sacred place where everyone felt safe and valued.

Featuring exclusive photographs; a guide to the characters, puppets, and episodes; original interviews; and rare ephemera, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: A Visual History reveals how the show came together to have a deep impact on American culture. Discover wonderful anecdotes from Yo-Yo Ma and Wynton Marsalis as well as the actors, directors, art designers, producers, studio musicians, and more who devoted their careers to working with Fred. Chronicling the show’s complete timeline—from its humble beginnings on WQED in Pittsburgh to its commemoration on the big screen in the feature film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, starring Tom Hanks, based on a screenplay written by Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster and directed by Marielle Heller—this incredibly comprehensive book celebrates both Fred Rogers and the wonderful legacy of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Hardcover: 336 pages

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

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ISBN-10: 1984826212

ISBN- 13: 978-1984826213

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