Reject Gov. Brown's Child Care and Development Cuts, Realignment

On Apr. 12, the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee No. 1 on Education will hold a hearing on child care and preschool. In his budget proposal, Gov. Brown called for substantial cuts to child care and development programs as well as a detrimental restructuring of the entire early learning system.  With legislators making crucial decisions on early learning, now is the time to share your opinions with them – send a letter today!

Gov. Brown proposes to cut $517 million from child care and development programs, which would leave 62,000 children without care. If these cuts are enacted, child care and development will have suffered a 42 percent funding reduction since 2008. Our most vulnerable children and families cannot withstand such steep additional cuts.

On top of these potential cuts, Gov. Brown’s proposal to restructure child care and development programs, except for part-day preschool, from the California Department of Education to county welfare offices would eliminate nearly half of the California State Preschool Program and the entire General Child Care Program.  About 80,000 low-income children would be displaced from preschools and child development centers. This shift, which would decimate California’s early learning system, offers no savings to the state.

Last week, more than 300 of you sent letters thanking the members of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Education Finance who voted to reject the restructuring proposal. Please ask Senator Liu and Senator Wright to reject these detrimental proposals to California’s child care and development programs.


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Please Reject Gov. Brown's Child Care and Development Cuts, Realignment

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