Write to the Governor: Include Early Learning in Your Gubernatorial Agenda!

Anne Darling Head StartGov. Jerry Brown and state Superintendent for Public Instruction Tom Torlakson have begun their terms in office. As they begin to formulate their policy agendas, please remind them that high-quality early childhood education is the foundation for a bright future for our children and a key component in the long-term growth of our state.

In these tough economic times, we know that high-quality early learning is a proven investment in our communities. We hope that California’s new governor will work to ensure our youngest learners’ success by taking advantage of California’s many opportunities to support early learning. Most immediately, these include preserving and protecting our current early care and education investments, particularly CalWORKS Stage 3 child care funding. It also means continuing to build the infrastructure for a high quality, well-funded system and doing more and better with existing early learning resources.  

As Gov. Jerry Brown now enters his first few days in office, please remind him that early education is important to you and your community by telling him about your early learning priorities.  


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Please Include Early Care and Education In Your Gubernatorial Agenda!

Dear [Decision Maker],

Congratulations on being elected California's new governor. As you begin to formulate your policy agenda, I encourage you to make high-quality early education a priority. As our new governor, you have the opportunity to make significant strides toward expanding and improving early learning and, with it, the health, success, and future of our state.

Research backs investing in high-quality early learning. It helps prepare our future workforce to compete in the global economy by narrowing the achievement gap and giving young children a solid foundation in critical early social and academic skills. It provides a window of opportunity to dramatically shape a child's brain during the most formative years, developing skills that build the foundation necessary for success in the early elementary years. This foundation has a far-reaching effect--studies show that children who attend high-quality preschool are less likely to drop out of high school, be placed in special education or held back a grade, and are more likely to score better on reading and math achievement tests.

As you consider the critical issues facing our state, please make early childhood education a priority and include it in your gubernatorial policy agenda.

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