Pump It Up For Platelets! Detroit, MI 2021

Dean's Disorder Destroyers

We would love for you to join our team at the 1st ever Detroit location of the Pump It Up For Platelets walk on September 11th!

For five years Dean has battled chronic ITP. He has had countless hospital stays over this time and more blood draws than anyone should have to go through. Now, thanks to daily medication, he's been able to stay mostly hospital free but it's still something all of us have to think about and monitor daily. This fundraising event will support research, awareness and support for individuals and families. PDSA has had a HUGE impact on our lives and was (and still is) an enormous source of support, especially when Dean was newly diagnosed, and we had to start navigating this world. We would truly appreciate your support in our fundraising efforts!

Love, The Catalano Family


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