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Don't Let President Erdogan Get Away With It

Medical professionals, scientists, and other academics are being fired from universities in Turkey by the thousands. Their crime? Participating in groups peacefully advocating for human rights and freedoms. It is imperative that these academics be immediately reinstated and that the right to freedom of expression be upheld.

Under the guise of maintaining the peace, the Turkish government has repeatedly violated its international human rights obligations. The rights to freedom of expression and association are fundamental to a democratic society — these rights must not be trampled.

Even under a state of emergency, human rights must be respected. Blanket dismissals and restrictions on the rights to freedom of expression and association are unacceptable – and against international law. Our medical colleagues need our support right now. We’ve been working alongside them in Turkey for decades — and this is the worst repression we’ve ever seen.

Take action below to stand up for justice.


  • President Recep Tayyip Erdogan


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