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Demand Action Now to Stop the Bloodbath in Syria

The fight for Aleppo brought the Syrian conflict to shocking new depths of carnage. Tens of thousands of civilians endured weeks of relentless bombardments, many of them dying of injuries that could not be treated because Syrian government forces and their allies had destroyed most of the hospitals and medical facilities.

Despite nearly six years of slaughter, the UN Security Council has done nothing to end the atrocities in Syria. Repeated discussions have produced only words, not the action that the Syrian people desperately need.

The General Assembly can force the Security Council to act through an Emergency Special Session. We are asking the ambassadors of every member country of the United Nations to push for such a session immediately.

Use the form below to send an appeal to U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, or find contact information for your country’s ambassador here, and cut and paste the text on this page into a separate email.

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