Fundraising Tips

Use the Flyer

Download flyer here.

Set a Fundraising Goal

Don't forget to share your goal with friends, family and co-workers!

Don't Be Afraid to Ask

Remember that you can't raise money to help the animals if you don't ask for help. Be proud of what you're doing and your supporters will be proud to help you.

Start Fundraising Early

The earlier you start fundraising, the more likely you are to reach your goal. It's never too early to start your team and begin reaching out for support.

Facebook Fundraising Challenge

Set up a Facebook event and encourage your friends and family to give. The goal of your Facebook event is to encourage others in your network to donate any amount in a certain time period. Make sure to have fun with it and post photos of your animals, information on the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA and don't forget to thank your donors on the event page. Another idea is to offer an incentive or special prize to those who give during a certain time period.

Utilize Social Media

There are so many ways to harness the power of social media to help you reach your goal.

Hold Your Own Mini-Fundraiser

From bake sales to car washes to house parties to auctions, there are lots of easy ways to host your own mini-fundraiser.

Personal Donation

Inspire others to give by making a gift yourself to show your commitment and then ask others to join you.

Online Fund Raising

Visit the Participant Center to create your own personal and/or team page. Upload your contacts and send out a customized email inviting your network to make a donation online.

Face to Face

Ask potential donors in your network for a few minutes of their time so that you can talk without interruptions. Consider taking them out for coffee or inviting them over for lunch. Let them know why you are participating and remember, you are not asking for the contribution for yourself, but for the thousands of animals PHS gives a second chance to each year.


Get together a list of your friends and acquaintances and pick an afternoon to sit down and call them. It's easy, just let them know of your plans to participate in the Wiggle Waggle Walk and why the cause is near to your heart. Don't forget to tell them about the wonderful programs the Pasadena Humane Society provides and details about why we need their help - you may have personal experience in adopting a pet, or taking a training class, or receiving help in some way that you may want to share.

Letter Writing

Personalize your letter with details about yourself and the reasons you are walking - you might even want to include pictures of your animals! Remember your audience when you are crafting your letter - tailor it to fit friends, family, business owners, colleagues, etc. And, consider enclosing a self addressed stamped envelope to make things easier for them (you'll find your response rate is much better).

Matching Gifts

Check with your human resources office to see if your company offers matching gifts. This is a great way to double the money you raise and increase your impact for the animals.

Donor Amounts

Let your sponsors decide how much they wish to give in support of such an important cause. But don't limit yourself by asking for a smaller amount than they had in mind. You'll be surprised at what people are willing to give!

Businesses You Patronize

Ask the places you frequent for a donation - such as your hair stylist, dry cleaner, doctor, dentist, gym, coffee shop, favorite restaurant, etc.


Always send a thank you note or email when you receive a donation to show your thanks - this is easy to do with our online tools. Also, it makes things a lot easier when you ask next year!

Ways to Fundraise

  • Incentives: Offer incentives for people in your network to join your team such as a photograph you took, a bottle of wine or an experience you set up such as a kick-off party
  • Spare Change Jar: Place an empty jar with a label at your place of employment, asking others to donate their spare change.
  • Game Night: Host a game night at your place and invite your friends to participate by making a donation to PHS. Offer a portion of the donation as a prize to incentivize their support.
  • Yard Sale: Host a yard sale and ask your friends to bring over unwanted items to sell for the cause. Don't forget to tell the buyers that their dollars are going to support PHS.
  • Silent Auction: Ask for donations to the auction and then host a silent auction where all the proceeds are donated to the animals.
  • Movie Night: Set up a movie night for your friends, make some popcorn and ask them to donate to the animals.
  • House Party/Dinner Party/BBQ/Wine Tasting: Host a party of any sort (think up fun themes!), invite your friends and ask for a donation to help the animals.
  • Milestone Incentives: Host a party for those people on your team who have reached a certain fundraising level to incentivize their support or offer various milestone incentives when they reach certain levels such as gift cards, bottles of wine, etc.
  • Restaurant Charity Night: Reach out to a local restaurant and ask them to host a charity night for PHS.
  • Bake Sale: Love to bake? Whip up some delicious treats for the cause and sell them to your friends.
  • Book Sale: Gather up used books from your friends and family and then host a weekend book sale with proceeds going to PHS
  • Business Sponsors: Ask a local business to sponsor you
  • Matching Gifts: Offer to match any gifts to your team for a day and see a spike in donations. You can always cap the match by saying "I will match any gifts to the team today up to $____" so that you are comfortable with the donation amount.
  • Birthday Donations: Ask for donations for the cause instead of gifts for your birthday this year.
  • Yappy Hour: Partner with a local watering hole by asking them to give a percentage of sales to the cause, invite your friends and drink up to support the animals.
  • Karaoke Night: Who doesn't want to sing for the animals?
  • Jeans Friday: Ask your colleagues to donate to PHS next time you have a Jeans Friday.
  • Scavenger Hunt: For a small fee, your friends can pay to play in a scavenger hunt you host.
  • Candy Grams: Make candy grams for your office and sell them to coworkers who wish to show their appreciation.

How to set up your page

Once you Register, you can log in and go to your participant center where you can customize your personal page.

This is a great chance to put your own flair in your fundraising. Have FUN with fundraising this is your page! Put up a photo of an important animal in your life, tell stories about how animals have changed your life and most importantly make the page your own!

You can use the online tools to send emails to your friends, family and other animal lovers asking for their support. Don't forget to harness the power of social media!

To help you get started, the participant center has sample emails you can use to encourage others to make donations on your behalf.

One of the best ways to raise more money for the animals (and to have more fun!) is to form a team and ask others to walk with you. We make it easy to do just visit the "Start a Team" page.  Please note there may only be one team captain per team.  

Don't forget to bookmark your participant center so you can visit it often to check your progress.

If you need assistance with your page please email Please note, office hours are Monday Friday, 9 am 5 pm and we try to respond to email inquiries within 24-48 business hours.

How to recruit team members

Building a Wiggle Waggle Walk team is a great way to raise more money for the animals, have more fun and get involved in your community!

Your team members can come from all different areas of your life - they just need to share a common desire to help the animals. You can ask friends, neighbors, co-workers and family.

Talk about the Walk at your place of worship, community organizations you're involved in, your kids' school - anywhere and everywhere that you know people! You'll find people who are just as excited about helping the animals as you are.