Ask your legislators about their involvement with ALEC

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Please call both your state senator and state representative.  Don't forget to email us at to report what you found out.

Sample phone call to legislators about ALEC.

I am very concerned about the influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council ALEC) on Pennsylvania.  We know that ALEC’s corporate lobbyists are writing legislation that some PA legislators are submitting as their own work.

As a constituent, I want to know if ALEC is influencing your work as my legislator.  I would like to know the following:

1)      Have you been a member of ALEC?

2)      If so, who paid for your membership?

3)      Have you ever attended an ALEC meeting?

4)      If so, who paid for your travel, registration and other expenses?

5)      Have you ever used any of ALEC’s “Model Bills” as the basis of any legislation you have introduced or sponsored?

6)      If so, which bills?

Thank you in advance for providing this information.