Slashing Missourians' Paychecks Won't Help Joplin Recover

We want jobs, not ideological attacksDon't exploit the tragedy to advance an ideological agenda!

It’s just sick: Radical politicians in Jefferson City want to use the Joplin tragedy as an excuse to junk prevailing wage laws that protect middle class families. This cynical power grab will do nothing to address the devastating jobs crisis in Missouri. Instead of attacking middle class workers, we need our elected leaders to work together to restore balance in the legislature and rebuild communities ravaged by tornadoes and other natural disasters.

Ideologues in Jefferson City and Washington, DC have been trying to eliminate prevailing wage laws for years. They’ve been unsuccessful so far in their efforts to slash middle class paychecks, but are hoping to use the tragedy in Joplin and disasters in other parts of Missouri as an excuse to further their attacks. 

Even conservatives have acknowledged that slashing wages for the men and women who are rebuilding Joplin hurts Missourians --- it will just help companies who make their profits by cutting corners and busing in out-of-state workers. Rebuilding Joplin shouldn't be an excuse to give political payback to companies that aren't creating Missouri jobs.

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