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The American Legislative Exchange Council, a secretive, corporate front group, has been writing bills that Virginia legislators are passing off as their own work on everything from education to health care to voting rights.

Now, after revelations that ALEC has pushed a national campaign to make it harder for Americans to vote and institute "Stand Your Ground" laws across the country, major corporate members are quitting ALEC, declaring the organization too extreme. Its time for Virginia legislators to do the same. Virginia taxpayers have shelled out over $230,000 for the privilege of our representatives having exclusive access to corporate lobbyists behind closed doors. Our legislators were elected to represent Virginia families, not corporate bottom lines. Legislators who kowtow to a corporate agenda are nothing new in Virginia, but secretly copying and pasting legislation from corporate lobbyists is a step too far. This is an egregious violation of the public trust. If our representatives are so desperate for legislative ideas, they should consult the people they were elected to represent. We’ll even give them the advice for free.

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Progress: 83%
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