Michiganders Deserve Full Disclosure

Mitt Romney Making MoneyMr. Romney, we expect transparency. In the case of a man who has made untold millions while laying off thousands of working American citizens, full disclosure going back to the time when you founded Bain Capital is even more important.

You may think we're just jealous because you paid less than a 15% tax rate, used offshore accounts, and even had a Swiss bank account. But working Americans who pay higher tax rates than you do deserve to see what else you may be hiding.

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Mitt Romney: Release Your Tax Returns Dating to Your Time at Bain

Dear Mitt Romney -

You finally disclosed two years of tax returns and 23 offshore funds and partnerships were discovered that you failed to include in your financial disclosure form. As Michiganders we demand that you follow your father's advice and release your tax returns dating back to your time at Bain.

We, the undersigned, call on presidential candidate Mitt Romney to follow in his father's footsteps and release his tax returns dating back to his time at Bain Capital.

[Your Name]