Dear Gov. Walker ,

1. If you were truly unaware of the alleged campaign activity occurring mere feet away from you in the County Executive's Office, how did you know about the laptops?

2. Why was this email sent from your campaign account and not your county executive email account? Was it to try to hide your directive from public discovery under the state's sunshine law?

3. Why did you email Tim Russell when he didn't work in your office any more, and didn't have any oversight of your staff? Was it because Russell was still in charge of a secret, "shadow" email network in the County Executive's office?

4. Shouldn't you have been telling your deputy Kelly Rindfleisch or your chief of staff Tom Nardelli about alleged campaign activity instead?

5. Lastly, why were you only concerned about another newspaper story? If you were truly concerned about your staff obeying the law and stopping alleged campaigning on county time, why didn't you say so?

Gov. Walker, Answer the Questions!


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