Hold Big Coal accountable: tell the Army Corps of Engineers to review the Port of Morrow coal project!

A foreign-owned coal company is trying to build a large port on the Columbia River to ship dirty coal to China. This facility at the Port of Morrow would be the first coal port in the Northwest, giving big coal companies a toehold in our area. More importantly, review and oversight of Port Morrow will set a precedent for other proposed coal projects across the region.

Despite the obvious importance of this project, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers might not review the environmental impact of this project. Tell the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to do their job and conduct a thorough review of the coal project!

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Re: NWP-2012-56 Coyote Island Coal Export Terminal

I urge the Corps to conduct a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement that carefully analyzes the combined impacts of multiple, similar coal export terminal proposals in the region, as well as an individual Environmental Impact statement for Ambre's Port of Morrow proposal.

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