Tell Gov. Deal to kill unfair drug test bills.

Gov. Deal can stop Georgia's unfair drug test laws.

It's clear the Georgia lawmakers are ready to make a select group of Georgia residents pee into a cup. But they aren't ready to hold themselves to the same standard. Even the bill sponsors who may agree to voluntarily take a drug test don't want to force their colleagues to do so by law. And lawmakers certainly don't want to make their corporate buddies take a drug test.

There are many good reasons to ask Gov. Deal to stop this bill. A similar law in Florida was blocked by a Federal judge. The law is likely a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Before the judge blocked the law, only 2 percent of the people who took the test failed. That doesn't represent a lot of fraud.

Here in Georgia, the state expects to pay $200,000 just to start a drug testing program. And according to the state's own estimates, we won't cover that cost. It could take up to $85,000 in new revenue each year to cover the cost of the program. What a waste!

And then there's the hypocrisy. If a lawmaker isn't willing to take a drug test before cashing his or her own government check, why would they expect anyone else to do it? And why won't these lawmakers hold their corporate buddies to the same standard as Georgia's working families?

Tell Georgia lawmakers to kill the drug testing bills. Georgia has plenty of corruption. But our lawmakers are looking for it in the wrong place.


Tell Gov. Deal to stop unfair drug test bills!


Tell Gov. Deal to kill unfair drug test bills.

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Kill the drug test bills.

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