Protect We the People, Not Corporate Lobbyists

Laws are supposed to protect our rights and help keep us safe - that’s just common sense. But last year, multiple politicians introduced and passed laws written of, by, and for corporations - specifically by the corporate front group the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

In recent weeks, ALEC has faced renewed scrutiny. This is partially thanks to revelations that they have worked diligently (and secretly) to pass Kill-At-Will laws like Florida’s that let Trayvon Martin’s killer go free, union-busting laws like in Wisconsin, and voter suppression efforts across the country.

ALEC is not just another conservative advocacy outfit. An estimated 98 percent of their funding comes from big corporations, not grassroots members. Corporate lobbyists write ALEC “model legislation” and then send these bills off to state capitols around the country - including to Republican politicians in Lansing, several of whom were caught last year paying their ALEC dues with taxpayer funds.

You can view a full list of current and former Michigan lawmakers who have participated in ALEC here.

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Protect We the People, Not Corporate Lobbyists

Dear Michigan Legislature -

We, the undersigned, call on all members of the Michigan Legislature to immediately cut ties with this corporate front group, and commit to passing legislation designed to put Michigan back to work.

[Your Name]