Tell Your Legislator to Kick ALEC Out!

The following legislators ARE supporters of the American Legislative Exchange Council(ALEC). Please take a moment to tell them to kick ALEC out and stand with the people of Utah.

If your legislators are not on this list, click here to thank them on behalf of the people of Utah.


  • ALEC State Chairman, Sen. Curt Bramble (R-16)
  • ALEC State Chairman, Sen. Wayne Niederhouser (R-9)
  • Senate President, Michael G. Waddoups (R-6)
  • Senate Majority Leader, Scott K. Jenkins (R-20)
  • Sen. Ralph Okerlund (R-24)
  • Sen. Stephen H. Urquhart (R-29)
  • Sen. Mark B. Madsen (R-13)
  • Sen. Peter Kundson (R-17)
  • Sen. Margaret Dayton (R-15)
  • Sen. Howard A. Stephenson (R-11)
  • Sen. Stuart C. Reid (R-18)
  • Sen J. Stuart Adams (R-22)


  • Speaker of the House, Rebecca Lockhart (R-64)
  • House Majority Leader, Brad L. Dee (R-11)
  • Rep. Todd E. Kiser (R-41)
  • Rep. Ryan Wilcox (R-41)
  • Rep. Gage Froerer (R-8)
  • Rep. Paul Ray (R-13)
  • Rep. Chris N. Herrod (R-62)
  • Rep. Dean Sanpei (R-63)
  • Rep. David Clark (R-74)
  • Rep. Bradley Daw (R-60)
  • Rep. Roger Barrus (R-18)
  • Rep. Keith Grover (R-61)
  • Rep. Michael T. Morley (R-66)
  • Rep. Eric K Hutchings (R-38)
  • Rep. Ken Ivory (R-47)
  • Rep. R. Curt Webb (R-5)
  • Julie Fisher (R-17)

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