Stop Denying Justice To Texans

Our courts are still in a state of emergency. Texas currently has six vacancies in its federal district courts, four of which have been deemed “judicial emergencies” by the Federal Judicial Conference because there are too few judges to handle the caseload. There will be one more seat vacated on a Texas district court in July of this year. Some judicial seats in Texas have been vacant for nearly 1,600 days.

Right now we are importing non-Texas judges from out of state just to keep up with the cases the Texas courts currently have. Our federal courts hear a wealth of important issues: social security appeals, employment cases, complex immigration cases and cases on individuals’ constitutional rights.

Tell Senators Cornyn and Cruz to stop setting our courts up for failure and fill our judicial vacancies with fair-minded, consensus judges today!

Texans for a Fair Judiciary is a coalition of Texas nonprofits working to fill the emergency vacancies in Texas’ federal district courts. The coalition includes the following organizations: Progress Texas, Mi Famila Vota, Texas Freedom Network, La Fe, Texas Watch, Texans Together, National Council of Jewish Women, Texans for Public Justice, Texas League of Conservation Voters, Equality Texas, The League of Young Voters, and Empower The Vote.


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Stop Denying Justice To Texans

Dear Texas Senator,

It is time to stop delaying justice in Texas.

You can help end the judicial emergencies in Texas by pushing for and confirming qualified judges that are ready to take their seats on the bench.

We need you to stop setting our courts up for failure in Texas. Please expand your internal process of finding nominees to include future vacancies too. Judges give advanced notice when they leave the bench to prevent their seat from being vacant. We know Judge Hilda Tagle is leaving her seat in the Southern District in December. So why haven't you included her in this year's process to find her replacement?

There are drug dealers on the streets of our cities that are not being tried, businesses waiting years to get in the courtroom doors and Republican judges disagreeing with themselves on issues like women's health care. We need more judges on the bench to address the thousands of cases waiting to go to trial. Stop playing political games with our justice system.

t's time to put judges back on the bench where they belong. It's time to restore justice to Texas and stop the political obstruction that compromises our judiciary. Senators Hutchinson and Cornyn, Texans can't wait any longer.


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