Pledge to vote with the 99%

Wealthy corporations and far-right special interests have used their deep pockets to rig the system against Washington families. We must elect leaders who will fight for a secure middle class, strong families, and a better world for our children.

As 99% voters, we pledge to vote for candidates who:

1. Make the 1% pay their fair share - and stop big corporations, billionaires, and Wall Street speculators from scamming the system and skipping out on taxes.

2. Create good jobs now, end tax breaks for polluters and corporations that ship jobs overseas, and invest in a clean energy economy and our economic future.

3. Stop the dismantling of essentials services and support a balanced approach that puts people first by protecting services we all count on, like education, health care, and social security.

4. Represent people, not corporations and restore our democracy. Support a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics by permanently reversing Citizens United, ending corporate personhood, and limiting the influence of money in our democracy.

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