Don't let Romney and Cuccinelli take away our right to vote

Virginia is the latest front in the fight against voter suppression. It's been a concerted effort across the country and now Mitt Romney is questioning whether thousands of eligible Virginians should be allowed to register to vote.

The Attorney General of Virginia has received a request from Mitt Romney's presidential campaign to "investigate" the voter registration applications of as many as 15,000 Virginians--most of whom are people of color, young people, and single women. Even worse, they've requested the state reject some voter registration applications from eligible voters. But it's up to the Virginia State Board of Elections to decide whether that happens.

The State Board of Elections, which oversees all aspects of voting and elections, must not buckle under pressure from the Romney campaign. That's why we're submitting a statement to the board, and we need you there to make sure that they don't deny eligible voters access to the polls. Will you add your name to our complaint?

A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to the Virginia State Board of Elections.



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Don't let Romney and Cuccinelli take away our right to vote

Dear State Board of Elections,

Don't let the Mitt Romney for President campaign stop Virginians from registering to vote. The Virginia Board of Elections should deny the Romney campaign's request to reject valid voter registration applications. They should work instead to ensure that all eligible voters can cast a ballot that counts.

[Your Name]