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Demand answers. And information. The legislature, led by Gov. Rick Perry, cut public education funding by more than $5 billion last year. And even though 10,000 teachers lost their jobs to save money, that didn’t make up for funding reductions by the state. School administrators have to look at everything. Including sports. And band and every extra-curricular activity.

Some schools have already done more than fire teachers. They’ve eliminated entire sports programs. Or reduced money available. Which forced dramatic changes in quality and performance. Some schools have started pay-to-play sports. Only families with money will be able to afford to have their children participate. In some districts, parents are now required to pay for student bus transportation to schools.

And now lawmakers in Austin are considering a voucher program. They predict it will move 600,000 kids out of public schools into private and virtual learning environments. That takes away another $2 billion in state funding. Where does this stop?

We think it needs to end. Right now. Join us at Save Texas Football. Help us deliver a powerful united voice to the legislature from all of our families.

  1. The Texas legislature, led by Gov. Rick Perry, cut a total of $5.4 billion from the two-year budget for state public schools

  2. A study by the non-partisan Children at Risk foundation in Houston revealed that 10,000 teachers were fired from Texas public schools at the same time 87,000 new students were being enrolled.

  3. Gov. Perry refused to use the multi-billion dollar Rainy Day Fund to avoid having to make cuts to public schools.

  4. To make up for the deficit in funding caused by the legislature, school districts have begun making drastic budget cuts and charging new fees.

  5. One school district has eliminated all sports; several have begun charging pay-to-play fees for students wanting to participate in sports and other extra-curricular activities.

  6. School bus transportation is no longer free in some districts and parents are charged a monthly fee to get their children to school.

  7. State Sen. Dan Patrick (R) Houston is planning to get the legislature’s approval for a voucher program to allow families to use state money to send their children to private schools or online virtual schools.

  8. If approved by Austin lawmakers, the voucher program in the first two years will drain another $2 billion from the state public school budget and reduce student enrollment by 600,000.

  9. More cuts will be required at local schools. Fewer teachers will be in the classroom. Classes will be larger. Sports programs will be drastically cut or eliminated. Reduced student enrollments will force some schools into smaller district classifications.

  10. The Texas legislature and the governor need to live up to the responsibilities they accepted under the state’s constitution to fully fund public education and stop passing the problem down to local districts, property owners, and families.


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Save Texas Football

Dear Legislator,

I am writing to urge you to support adequate funding for our schools and extra-curricular activities for our children. The legislature has made far too many cuts to the public education budget and is pushing the financial burden down to local schools districts. They are forced to make cuts, fire teachers, and reduce money for sports and after school activities that make the educational experience more fulfilling for students. And now some families are facing pay-to-play programs and even having to pay for school bus transportation.

The Texas Constitution requires that "the state make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of an efficient system of public free schools." I think it's time our government gets back to keep the promises of our founders.


[Your Name]