Hold Big Coal Accountable in Bellingham!

Leaders from the Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Ecology, and Whatcom County will hold their first public hearing on coal exports on October 27. They will listen to public comments about whether Big Coal should be able to ship dirty coal through our communities.

This is our best chance to tell decision makers directly that Bellingham doesn't want coal in our neighborhoods. Coal companies are trying to build an export terminal on our shores to send millions of tons of coal to China. It would mean 1.5 mile long coal trains spewing toxic coal dust in our neighborhoods, not to mention the devastating impact on climate change.To stop them, we need to turn out in force to stop Big Coal's plans for Bellingham. Send them a message now!

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Docket number COE-2012-0016: Proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal coal export proposal draft EIS scoping comments

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