Congressman Missing

Have you seen this man? Washington politician Justin Amash is refusing to face the voters. Amash isn’t hosting town halls, and he’s skipping debates because he’s afraid to answer tough questions about his extreme votes in Washington.

Justin Amash has clearly forgotten that he works for us. He thinks he can sneak through this election without answering for his votes to cut Social Security and reject funding to fix Michigan’s crumbling roads. We’re committed to holding Amash accountable for his record, but we need your help. Sign the petition and tell Amash to stop hiding from his extreme record.

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Justin Amash should meet with his constituents

Dear Congressman Amash -

We the undersigned believe you have a responsibility as our Representative in Congress to face the voters in your district before this November's election. Unfortunately, you have repeatedly refused to host town hall meetings, and you have consistently skipped candidate forums during the fall campaign season. We believe it's time to stop hiding from voters, and start answering about your voting record in Washington. We strongly urge you to participate in at least one debate with your opponent, and host at least two public town hall meetings before November 6.

[Your Name]