Gov. Snyder, Right to Work is Wrong for Michigan

Lansing politicians and their special interest friends are making a power grab and trying to pass a so-called “Right to Work” law that will weaken Michigan’s middle class families. By undermining basic collective bargaining rights, these greedy CEOs would gain even more profits at the expense of our jobs, our retirement security, and our kids’ future.

We’re urging Snyder to veto any RTW bill, so our elected leaders can focus on creating good jobs and improving education.

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Publicly say you'll veto RTW legislation

Dear Gov. Snyder -

We the undersigned agree that so-called "Right to Work" legislation is extremely divisive, and isn't appropriate for Michigan. We strongly urge you to veto any RTW legislation, so our elected leaders can focus on rebuilding our economy and protecting the middle class. RTW is a special interest power grab that would undermine basic collective bargaining rights that protect wages, benefits, and safety on the job for Michigan's working families. Lansing politicians should be working together to create good jobs and improve education to give our kids a better future. We hope you will stand up for Michigan's working families by vetoing any RTW bill.

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