The Mic needs Sly because:
1. Workers need a voice on the public airwaves fighting for them.
2. Small businesses that take good care of their employees depend on Sly's loyal fan base.
3. Sly and his listeners give progressives the support they need to stand up to Scott Walker.

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SUBJECT: The Mic Needs Sly

TO: 92.1 the Mic 

I strongly urge you to put Sly in the Morning, Madison's local radio host for over thirty years, on your airwaves as soon as possible.

I support Sly in the Morning and his sponsors because he is a life-long Wisconsinite who provides an entertaining, insightful perspective that can't be found anywhere else.

Wisconsin needs a progressive host to cover state and local politics from a point of view that only Sly can offer. I would become an eager 92.1 listener and supporter if you decide to add Sly to your lineup.