Fire Chip Rogers

Disgraced former Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers will get $150,000 per year to work at Georgia Public Broadcasting. His salary will be paid 100 percent with tax dollars.

Gov. Deal called a meeting on Oct. 26 to arrange for Chip's new job.

The $150,000 salary will make Chip Rogers the highest paid Executive Producer at GPB. This is nearly DOUBLE the salary of the second-highest paid executive producer.

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Fire Chip Rogers now. GA can't afford Deal's cronyism.

Dear Georgia

It's been months since Gov. Nathan Deal created the taxpayer-funded job for Chip Rogers but he hasn't managed to do the one thing he was hired to do: produce a radio show.

This is a waste of taxpayer money.

Georgia can't afford to spend tax dollars on Chip Rogers' taxpayer-funded golden parachute.

Chip's salary of $150,000 is outrageous! And you haven't even disclosed other payments and perqs.

If Gov. Deal's new economic development show is so important to GPB, please hire an executive producer with experience and then pay him or her a salary based on the free market.

[Your Name]