"mentally capable"

Last week, Republican Speaker Jase Bolger said the House would not consider legislation forcing women seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound performed with an invasive vaginal probe. “I have absolutely no interest in forcing a woman to have a transvaginal ultrasound,” said Bolger.

But Lansing Republicans aren’t backing down. As the controversy over the bill died down, Rep. Joel Johnson (R-Clare) said the bill was to protect women, and he wants to make sure women are “mentally capable” to choose to have an abortion. Contact your lawmaker today - tell them to keep politics out of women’s health care.


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Women ARE "mentally capable"

Dear Lawmakers -

Last week, as the controversy over the transvaginal ultrasound bill died down, Rep. Joel Johnson said he still wants to make sure women are "mentally capable" to choose to have an abortion.

That's offensive and ridiculous. The fact is, a recent study showed that nine out of 10 women "expressed high confidence" in their decision to have an abortion. And the Supreme Court ruled that women have the right to choose.

Women's health care is none of your business lawmakers should stay out of the doctor's office. Please commit to your constituents today that you are opposed to further unconstitutional and invasive efforts to interfere with women's health decisions.

[Your Name]