Tell Gov. Deal to collect Copart's back taxes before pocketing their rent.

Nathan Deal had a political problem when he walked into the governor’s office because of ballooning personal debt and lingering ethical concerns over his auto salvage business.

To fix that problem, Gov. Deal recently sold the auto salvage business to a company that owes Georgia $73.8 million in back taxes and penalties. Although he sold the business, Gov. Deal didn’t sell the land. He will earn $10,000 per month in rent from Copart, Inc.

Sign and share this petition to tell Gov. Deal to collect Copart’s back taxes before pocketing their rent.


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Collect Copart's back taxes before you pocket their rent

Dear Georgia

Your new tenant -- Copart, Inc. -- owes the state $73.8 million in back taxes and penalties.

We know that you have leased your land at 1602 Athens Highway to Copart, Inc. and we are asking you to put Georgians first.

Please collect every penny of Copart's back taxes and penalties before you pocket any rent money from the Texas-based corporation.

[Your Name]