Tell Gov. Gregoire and the state Legislature - close tax loopholes, not classrooms!

To Governor Gregoire and the Washington State Legislature:

As a state we have a long history of standing together during good times and bad. As voters we have overwhelmingly approved measures to invest in the quality of our kids education, provide affordable healthcare for everyone, and to make sure the most vulnerable among us can live a life of dignity free of unnecessary suffering. We have led the nation in innovative public services and programs that protect clean air and clean water, and attract good paying jobs.

In this deep recession, when the need for these critical services is greater than ever, we must not abandon that legacy of investing in the core services which we all rely on to maintain our quality of life and future prosperity. Yet the draconian all cuts budget now under consideration - - which includes the wholesale elimination of voter-approved programs that assist hundreds of thousands of our fellow Washington State residents, and which slashes education, health care and unravels our state's protections for the most vulnerable -- threatens this legacy.

These cuts will undermine our state's ability to compete, and will result in the loss of thousands of additional jobs at a time when our economy is hurting and too many are already out of work. Please take a more balanced approach to managing this recession. We urge you to prevent the worst of the cuts by:

  • Cutting unjustified tax giveaways for special interests and the wealthy instead of funding for our kids and communities
  • Going after tax evaders and tax cheats that are not contributing their fair share to our great state
  • Reforming the tax exemption system to bring transparency and accountability to the hundreds of tax exemptions that cost our state $6.5 billion a year


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