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I oppose Gov. Walker's unprecedented power grab

Dear Legislator, 

I oppose Gov. Scott Walker's unprecedented power grab to use government to take away the rights of Wisconsinites.

As you know, Gov. Walker refused to even meet with public employees, something which Republican and Democratic governors have done in good faith for the past half century. Public employees offered $100 million in concessions and Walker responded by refusing to even meet with them.

Gov. Walker has shoved these abhorrent proposals such as ending collective bargaining, raiding health programs, and selling state assets to benefit business in a so-called budget repair bill, but make no mistake: this plan does not create jobs and it will increase our long-term debt.

Why, when unemployment in Wisconsin is so high, would Gov. Walker propose a plan that would use government to take away the rights of people that still are working? Why, after he increased the deficit with a $140 million special interest giveaway, would Gov. Walker propose a budget repair bill that does nothing to repair the budget?

As your constituent, I am calling on you to reject Gov. Walker's budget repair scheme and this reckless assault on our rights in Wisconsin.

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