Invest in Kids, Not Corporations

Invest in Michigan's futureIn 2011, Gov. Snyder and the Republican majority in the state Legislature raided the School Aid Fund and slashed school funding, opting to give a $1.8 billion tax break to CEOs and corporations. When all was said and done, they cut school funding by almost a billion dollars, hurting our kids and making Michigan less competitive in a global, knowledge-based economy. Gov. Snyder told us it was about “shared sacrifice,” and there simply wasn’t enough money to go around.

Recently, however, Michigan got some good news - the Senate Fiscal Agency (SFA) estimated a revenue surplus of $262 million in fiscal year 2011 and up to an estimated $1 billon in 2012.  Gov. Snyder wants to sit on the surplus, calling it “premature” to invest it.

We, the undersigned, call on Gov. Snyder and the Michigan Legislature to use Michigan’s budget surplus to restore funding to Michigan’s schools and invest in the future of our state – our children. After raiding the state’s School Aid Fund to give a tax break to corporations, surplus revenues can go to fund a quality education Michigan’s children deserve.

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