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This is the list of legislators who ARE members of ALEC, followed by a list of legislators who have not stated where they stand.

Please use this form write to your legislators and ask them to quit. We are including additional legislators who are likely to quit. 

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If your legislators are not on these lists, they have rejected ALEC.  Please click here to thank them.

ALEC Members

Rep. Adolph, William R 165
Rep. Baker, Matthew R 68
Rep. Barrar, Stephen R 160
Rep. Boback, Karen R 117
Rep. Bear, John R 97
Rep. Boyd, Scott R 43
Rep. Clymer, Paul R 145
Rep. Cox, Jim R 129
Rep. Day, Gary R 187
Rep. Delozier, Sheryl R 88
Rep. Evans, John R 5
Rep. Gabler, Matt R 75
Rep. Geist, Richard R 79
Rep. Gingrich, Mauree R 101
Rep. Godshall, Robert R 53
Rep. Grell, Glen R 87
Rep. Grove, Seth R 196
Rep. Hahn, Marcia R 138
Rep. Harhart, Julie R 183
Rep. Helm, Susan R 104
Rep. Hennessey, Tim R 26
Rep. Hess, Dick R 78
Rep. Hutchinson, Scott R 64
Rep. Killion, Thomas R 168
Rep. Knowles, Jerry R 124
Rep. Marsico, Ron R 105
Rep. Metcalfe, Daryl R 12
Rep. Miller, Ron R 93
Rep. Pickett, Tina R 110
Rep. Rapp, Kathy R 65
Rep. Saylor, Stan R 94
Rep. Schroder, Curt R 155
Rep. Smith, Sam R 66
Rep. Stephens, Todd R 151
Rep. Stern, Jerry R 80
Rep. Stevenson,Richard R 8
Rep. Taylor, John R 177
Rep. Toepel, Marcy R 147
Rep. Toohil, Tarah R 116
Sen. Argall, David R 29
Sen. Baker, Lisa R 29
Sen. Browne, Patrick R 16
Sen. Earll, Jane R 49
Sen. Eichelberger, John R 30
Sen. McIlhinney,Charles R 10
Sen. Piccola, Jeffrey R 15
Sen. Pippy, John R 37
Sen. Robbins, Robert D. R 50


These legislators have not declared their support or rejection of ALEC:

Rep. Aument, Ryan R 41
Rep. Barbin, Bryan D 71
Rep. Benninghoff, Kerry R 171
Rep. Bishop, Louise Williams D 192
Rep. Bloom, Stephen R 170
Rep. Boyle, Kevin D 172
Rep. Bradford, Matthew D 70
Rep. Brooks, Michele R 17
Rep. Brown, Rosemary R 189
Rep. Brown, Vanessa Lowery D 190
Rep. Burns, Frank D 72
Rep. Carroll , Mike D 118
Rep. Causer, Martin R 67
Rep. Christiana, Jim R 15
Rep. Conklin, Scott D 77
Rep. Costa, Paul D 34
Rep. Creighton, Tom R 37
Rep. Cruz, Angel D 180
Rep. Culver, Lynda Schlegel R 108
Rep. Curry, Lawrence D 154
Rep. Cutler, Bryan R 100
Rep. Davidson, Margo D 164
Rep. DeLissio, Pamela D 194
Rep. DeLuca, Anthony D 32
Rep. Denlinger, Gordon R 99
Rep. Dermody, Frank D 33
Rep. DiGirolamo, Gene R 18
Rep. Donatucci, Maria D 185
Rep. Dunbar, George R 56
Rep. Ellis, Brian R 11
Rep. Emrick, Joe R 137
Rep. Evankovich, Eli R 54
Rep. Evans, Dwight D 203
Rep. Farry, Frank R 142
Rep. Fleck, Mike R 81
Rep. Galloway, John D 140
Rep. Gergely, Marc D 35
Rep. Gillen, Mark R 128
Rep. Gillespie, Keith R 47
Rep. Hackett, Joseph R 161
Rep. Haluska, Gary D 73
Rep. Hanna, Michael D 76
Rep. Harris, C. Adam R 82
Rep. Heffley, Doyle R 122
Rep. Hickernell, David R 98
Rep. Hornaman, John D 3
Rep. Kampf, Warren R 157
Rep. Kauffman, Rob R 89
Rep. Kavulich, Sid Michaels D 114
Rep. Keller, Fred R 85
Rep. Keller, Mark R 86
Rep. Kirkland, Thaddeus D 159
Rep. Kortz, William D 38
Rep. Krieger, Timothy R 57
Rep. Kula, Deberah D 52
Rep. Lawrence, John R 13
Rep. Maher, John R 40
Rep. Maloney, David R 130
Rep. Mann, Jennifer D 132
Rep. Marshall, Jim R 14
Rep. Masser, Kurt R 107
Rep. McGeehan, Michael D 173
Rep. Metzgar, Carl Walker R 69
Rep. Miccarelli, Nicholas R 162
Rep. Millard, David R 109
Rep. Milne, Duane R 167
Rep. Mirabito, Rick D 83
Rep. Moul, Dan R 91
Rep. Mullery, Gerald D 119
Rep. Murt , Thomas R 152
Rep. Myers, John D 201
Rep. Neuman, Brandon D 48
Rep. O'Neill, Bernie R 29
Rep. Oberlander, Donna R 63
Rep. Parker, Cherelle D 200
Rep. Payne, John R 106
Rep. Peifer, Michael R 139
Rep. Perry, Scott R 92
Rep. Petri, Scott R 178
Rep. Preston, Joseph D 24
Rep. Pyle, Jeffrey R 60
Rep. Quigley, Thomas R 146
Rep. Quinn, Marguerite R 143
Rep. Reed, Dave R 62
Rep. Reese, Mike R 59
Rep. Roae, Brad R 6
Rep. Rock, Todd R 90
Rep. Roebuck, James D 188
Rep. Ross, Chris R 158
Rep. Sabatina, John D 174
Rep. Saccone, Rick R 39
Rep. Santarsiero, Steven D 31
Rep. Santoni, Dante D 126
Rep. Simmons, Justin R 131
Rep. Smith, Ken D 112
Rep. Smith, Matthew D 42
Rep. Sonney, Curtis R 4
Rep. Staback, Edward D 115
Rep. Sturla, Michael D 96
Rep. Swanger,RoseMarie R 102
Rep. Tallman, Will R 193
Rep. Tobash, Mike R 125
Rep. Truitt, Dan R 156
Rep. Vereb, Mike R 150
Rep. Vulakovich, Randy R 30
Rep. Waters, Ronald D 191
Rep. Watson, Katharine R 144
Rep. Wheatley, Jake D 19
Rep. Youngblood, Rosita C. D 198
Sen. Alloway, Richard R 33
Sen. Blake, John D 22
Sen. Brubaker, Mike R 36
Sen. Farnese, Lawrence D 1
Sen. Ferlo, Jim D 38
Sen. Fontana, Wayne D 42
Sen. Gordner, John R 27
Sen. Kasunic, Richard D 32
Sen. Kitchen, Shirley D 3
Sen. Mensch, Bob R 24
Sen. Pileggi, Dominic R 9
Sen. Rafferty, John R 44
Sen. Scarnati, Joseph R 25
Sen. Smucker, Lloyd R 13
Sen. Stack, Michael D 5
Sen. Tartaglione, Christine D 2
Sen. Tomlinson, Robert R 6
Sen. Vance, Patricia R 31
Sen. Vogel, Elder R 47
Sen. Ward, Kim R 39
Sen. Waugh, Michael R 28
Sen. White, Donald R 41
Sen. White, Mary Jo R 21
Sen. Yaw, Gene R 23
Sen Yudichak, John D 14



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