Tell Gilberton: Suspension is Not Enough. Fire Mark Kessler

Progress: 95%
Progress: 95%
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A Schuylkill County (Pennsylvania) police chief is making national news for his videos that seemingly encourage people to shoot U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Secretary of State John Kerry and Democrats and liberals.  Gilberton (PA) Police Chief Mark Kessler also calls his political opponents “libtards,” who should “go f*** yourselves.”

In one video, he shoots a target he calls “Nancy Pelosi” while saying, “We’re gonna give two to Nancy, then we’re gonna put two in her face.” In another, he says "This guy voted for Obama" before shooting at another target. Another is tiled "Shoot a libtard from a tree." 

Write to Mayor Mary Lou Hannon and the Gilberton Borough Council.  Tell them to fire Kessler today.  He obviously lacks the temperament, levelheadedness and objectiveness that any law enforcement office needs.  He is clearly unable to protect people who disagree with him. He needs to be removed from his position immediately.

Here are some of the videos.  These are NSFW. 


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