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In January 2013, we published our investigation into security concerns at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. In the wake of the tragedy at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, our investigation raises fresh questions about the State Department’s ability to protect its diplomats.

In our report, several current and former members of the private guard force responsible for protecting what may be the most at-risk U.S. diplomatic mission in the world—the embassy in Kabul—said security weaknesses have left it dangerously vulnerable to attack.

Sound familiar? In 2009, we highlighted very similar problems at the same embassy, raising serious concerns about the ability of private security contractors to protect our diplomatic missions. Yet, here we are less than four years later, talking about the same types of problems occurring under a different contractor.

It’s time for Congress and the State Department to re-evaluate how America secures its diplomatic missions around the world. We should not be out-sourcing the security of our missions in places where there is increased risk.

Tell Congress to Reconsider the Use of Private Security Contractors

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According to an investigation by the Project On Government Oversight (POGO), private guards responsible for protecting what may be the most at-risk U.S. diplomatic mission in the world--the embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan--say security weaknesses have left it vulnerable to attack. (POGO's investigation can be found here: )

While Congress has already taken some needed steps to bolster embassy security--including nominally increasing the number of Marines assigned to protect U.S. missions--more needs to be done. We must end the reliance on private security contractors at embassies in volatile regions of the world.

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