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Tell President Obama and Congress to Curb Wasteful Pentagon Spending


Folks at organizations that rally activists around progressive causes and conservative anti-tax crusaders don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues. But now, there’s at least one thing they agree upon: The need to curb the Pentagon’s insatiable appetite for spending.

A diverse group of 21 organizations from across the political spectrum joined POGO in sending a joint letter to President Obama and Congress, urging them to reduce wasteful and ineffective Pentagon spending. The truth is, we can cut the pork from the Pentagon budget and make other strategic reductions without sacrificing our national security.

Will you join us by sending a similar letter to President Obama and your members of Congress?


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Dear [Decision Maker],

The time has come to reduce wasteful and ineffective Pentagon spending to make us safer. There has been a great deal of doomsday rhetoric about the effects of sequestration. While sequester might not be the best way to reshape Pentagon spending, it should not serve as an excuse to avoid fundamental reforms.

This week, a diverse set of groups joined POGO in sending a joint letter to President Obama and Congress with a list of lots of specific recommendations for sensible savings in the defense budget. I highly recommend you read the letter:

Mr. President and Members of Congress, the American people are counting on your courage to stand up to the big-spending status quo that has squandered all too many taxpayer dollars in the name of national security. This means proposing a comprehensive framework to realign and reform the Pentagon budget. When you do, I will stand by you as you make our country stronger and our future more secure

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