Tell Congress to Cut Excessive Perks for Generals and Admirals

pension_action_386.jpgIf you’re a military retiree, your pension is on the chopping block under a budget deal passed by Congress over the holidays. That is unless you’re one of the Pentagon’s top brass.

Yes, unbelievably Congress is asking career enlisted personnel and lower-ranking officers to bear the brunt of budget cuts while three and four star generals and admirals, whose pensions were already bumped up, get to keep their bonus retirement provisions.

That’s just wrong.

There is a real need to cut the Pentagon budget, but it shouldn’t be done on the backs of deserving military retirees. Congress needs to trim waste out of the bloated Pentagon budget, and those cuts need to be smart and strategic.

Tell Congress to Cut Wasteful Pentagon Spending and Excessive Perks for Generals and Admirals


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Dear [Decision Maker],

It's time to cut the Pentagon's bloated budget while respecting the promises made to our men and women in uniform. The new Murray-Ryan budget deal, which was enacted over the holidays, cut military pensions by approximately $6 billion. However, the deal protected a special pension enhancement provided to retired three and four star generals and admirals.

While it's important that Congress enact compensation reform to help manage the military's escalating personnel costs, it's imperative that high-level military officials help shoulder some of the burden.

The Murray-Ryan deal has been amended to exempt service members with military-related disabilities as well as those receiving annuity payments under the Survivor Benefit Plan. But Congress needs to take the additional equitable step of reducing excessive pension benefits intended to retain senior officers during wartime.

While I believe that compensation reform at the Pentagon is important, there are a number of additional ways for Congress to shave dollars off the Pentagon's budget. A group of organizations with highly diverse ideologies joined the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) in sending a letter to Congress with a number of specific recommendations.

Just two recommendations from POGO would save taxpayers more than $36 billion over 10 years. This includes cutting four submarines from the next-generation fleet and reducing the number of aircraft carriers from 11 to 10 and Navy wings from ten to nine. But there are many more recommendations that, taken together, could save the federal government hundreds of billions of dollars. I hope you will take the time to read the letter included below:

There is no reason to hold on to overpriced, outdated projects that no longer make sense in the 21st century, when more effective, cheaper ideas abound. I hope you will take into consideration the letter's recommendations and rethink the fact that three and four star generals and admirals are retaining their pension enhancement while other military retirees pay the cost.

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