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Demand Transparency at Sexual Assault Crimes Panel

closed_slimjim_386.jpgThe Pentagon is finally working to curb the epidemic of sexual assault in the military but a key Department of Defense panel working to reform military policy has been keeping the public from its meetings.

While the panel provides transcripts of the meetings, the public is kept out of the process. A series of scandals, one which led to the retirement of the head of the military’s Sexual Assault Prevention Office, have shaken the public’s confidence in the Pentagon’s ability to properly deal with these cases. Holding closed-door meetings isn’t helping their credibility.

Transparency is the best way to make sure these proceedings are open, accountable and in the interest of sexual assault victims. Join POGO in calling for transparency today.


  • Terri Saunders

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Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to open up subcommittee meetings of the Response Systems To Adult Sexual Assault Crimes Panel (RSP) to the public to increase transparency with how the Department of Defense is dealing with the epidemic of sexual assault in the military.

For too long, sexual assaults in the military and the investigations of alleged assaults were marginalized and obstructed. As the DoD moves to change the way it deals with these cases, it is important that it is committed to the highest standards of transparency. A series of scandals involving military leaders in sexual assault prevention has shaken the public's confidence in the military's ability to properly investigate cases of sexual assault. Ensuring that RSP subcommittee meetings are public and transparent will help restore the public's trust in the process and allow for all interested parties to be more closely involved in this crucial work.

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